FIIDO D4S Foldable Electric Bike

Color - Black
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Fiido D11 Foldable Electric Bike

Making the decision of riding for long-distance is no easy task, but with D4S, the frame of which is designed with an emphasis on ergonomics,perfect cycling experience will not be just a casual remark for the reason that Fiido always gives priority to users’comfort.

Ergonomically Designed

Deciding to ride for long-distance is no easy task, but with the D4S, the frame of which is designed with an emphasis on ergonomics, the perfect cycling experience will not be just a casual remark as Fiido always gives priority to users' comfort.

High-Power Lithium Battery

With Fiido 's progressive lithium battery technology, the 18650 power lithium battery with 36V voltage and 10.4Ah capacity achieves an energy conversion efficiency of 85%, laying a solid foundation for a range of up to 80KM in electric moped mode.

Foldable to Fit More Using Scenarios

Imagine taking about only 10-seconds time to fold and unfold an e-bike? as a matter of fact, the D4S is exactly the bicycle that implements such convenience. It is completely stress-free whether placed into car trunk, metro or bus.

Effortless Riding With 20-Inch Tire

The wear-resistant, non-slip pneumatic tire measures 20 inches in size, and the tire's width reaches 1.75 inches even on such a compact bicycle body, making it extremely easy to pass through harsh road conditions.

6-Speed Gear Shift System

The 52T large crankset and 6-speed variable speed control system attached to FIIDO D4S enable fast and reliable gear adjustment.

Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Frame

Thanks to the overall frame of aluminum alloy, the weight of the electric bicycle is only 18.5kg. Not to mention its durability, as using such materials ensures that the body does not rust even after rain.

Powerful Motor

In consideration of the driving power that an e-bike may need riding on precipitous mountains or rugged terrains, the torque of the 250W high-efficiency brushless geared motor is set to 30um, and the rear-hub motor provides the required traction regardless of the environment.

Details & Parts

Motor: 250W

Voltage: 36V Battery 10.4Ah

Charging time: 7 hours

Electric moped mode: 80km

Max speed: 25km/h

Working temperature: -10~50℃

Frame material: Aluminium alloy

Color: Black/White

Max load: 120kg

Net weight 17.5kg(with battery)

Tire size: 20*1.75 inch Ebike

Size: 150cm*26cm*108cm

Folding size: 85cm*45cm*64cm